Resolutions and the last weekend of 2011

by Julie on January 1, 2012

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Hello and welcome, 2012!

Normally, this post would be about my new years’ goals and resolutions. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this coming year. I’m typically very goal driven, and I love that about myself. But this year, I want to take a rest from my resolutions. I want to focus on being happy, content, and start putting myself before other people. I realize this sounds selfish, but I am realizing that I constantly put other peoples’ needs before my own.

In 2011, I actually became better at this, but in 2012, I want to work on it more. I stress myself out and become anxious over making sure everyone else is happy and content. My needs go out the door to the point that I don’t know what they are anymore. Trust me, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes right now, and that’s okay. Sometimes, I need to calm down, let my anxiety go, breathe, and be happy. If other people can’t deal with that, then sorry. I need to learn that other people are adaptable and I need to let them take care of themselves.

I believe that I’m a natural caregiver, and that’s okay. I am okay with taking care of other people. But, while doing so, if my needs go out the door, I need to check myself. Can anyone relate?

Last night, I went to a party that some of my new friends threw. It was such a blast in so many ways! The best part was that my friend Meghan (who lives in Arizona) and her boyfriend came to visit in Cleveland for the evening! Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Girls night with my family was on Friday. This picture would be better if it wasn’t so blurry! We went to Flip Side in Hudson, Ohio had a yummy meal. Flip Side serves grass fed and Ohio raised beef. Definitely my kinda place. I highly recommend it.

Valerie bought me a gold Michael Kors watch for Christmas. LOVE.

I ordered the Black and Blue Burger.

It was so lovely seeing Meghan in Cleveland last night!

Meghan’s bf, Meghan, Me, and T

There was a ton of food! Mmmmm donuts (we had the best host and hostess!)


Now, I’m going to review my resolutions from 2011 and see how I did.

- Blog more. No explanation needed. Check!

I definitely think I blogged more this year. Or, at least my blog became a bigger part of my life this year than previous years.

- Volunteer more (carried from last year!). Check!

During my Bikram challenge, I raised $700 for the Tourette Syndrome Association. I wish I could have done more, but there is always 2012! I plan to do a lot more volunteering this year. I have signed up to help with two organizations in the Cleveland.

- Further my Bikram practice. Beginning of the year: Check! Last half of the year: Could have done better.

I went through a lot of transitions this past year. 2011 started off with a bang and I completed a 60-day Bikram Yoga Challenge. Unfortunately, once the summer hit, so did my healthy living. Plus, by moving to a new city and wanting to meet new people, I’ve been going out a lot and not cooking a lot at home or exercising. This is something that I’ll continue to work on in 2012.

- Get my finances in order. Could have done better.

Moving was expensive. Life is expensive. Regardless, I feel like I’m getting a handle on finances and plan on meeting more regularly with my financial adviser (who is awesome and if you need a recommendation for someone, let me know).

- Continue to reflect on my diet as a flexatarian. Could have done better.

Ugh.. I feel better when I don’t eat meat. But, I’ve been eating a ton of meat lately (see above), and quite frankly, I feel crappy about it. This is something else to work on in 2012.

- Make more friends, especially in central PA (any takers? I’m cool, will feed you wine, and can make a mean guacamole!) Major fail in Central PA, but a major Check! in Cleveland.

Obviously, I moved to Cleveland and didn’t have a chance to really nourish a lot of new friendships in PA. I’ve met a lot of people in Cleveland though, and I’m proud of that fact. I <3 it here!

Well, that’s all for now. I hope your first day of 2012 went smoothly. See you soon!



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kelsey January 1, 2012 at 10:24 pm

Sounds like you did a pretty good job with your last year’s resolutions.
And I think it’s really cool that you’re taking a break from resolutions this year. I hate resolutions, in their traditional sense… seems so easy to set yourself up for failure. I love the idea of goals and intentions… and just an overall focus for the new year though.
Have a great 2012! :D


Julie January 1, 2012 at 10:30 pm

I completely agree. It’s important to stay focused on the life you want to live… which is what I’m trying to do. You have a great 2012 too!


Jordan Lynn (Ciao Cow) January 2, 2012 at 3:01 am

I have the exact same problem with being a caregiver. I love to take care of other, but generally, I suck at taking care of myself. So yes, I can totally relate, but I’m working on it. :)


Jaime January 2, 2012 at 10:41 am

Progress is always a good thing- sounds like you have made tons. Sending you happy thoughts for a fabulous 2012.


Lindsay January 2, 2012 at 11:04 am

and we love you too… are a great asset to CLE
love you julie: hit me up for some bikram <3
loving these resolutions………now to write mine…….. maybe on a blog? :)


Suburban Sweetheart January 2, 2012 at 3:14 pm

I adore Flip Side. I don’t eat burgers, but their chicken sandwiches are to die for. I miss home so much…
Suburban Sweetheart´s last [type] ..12 Changes in 2012 (Also Known as "Resolutions")


Allison Blass January 3, 2012 at 4:58 am

It sounds like for the most part you did pretty good! I’m looking to see how your 2012 shapes up for you too. :)
Allison Blass´s last [type] ..{Currently} January.


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