Two birthdays and a dump truck cake

by Julie on June 11, 2012

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Hello pals!

It was quite the busy weekend. In addition to the BvB happy hour, my family celebrated two birthdays. Both Melanie and Liam had birthdays and Violet’s is next week (really, Melanie and Nate? Next time let’s try to have kids a little farther apart from your own birthday and Father’s day… sheesh! ;-)).

A couple months ago over a girls night, Sarah Berridge aka Cooker Girl mentioned that she had a side dream of baking for a living. At the time, it was a dream but with a little encouragement, I somehow convinced her to cook Liam a birthday cake for his June birthday. What better way to start a business then to dive in head first!

A few recent email exchanges led to Sarah baking a dump truck themed cake. Our only request was to have opposite flavors of cake and icing. So, if she was going to do white icing, then have a chocolate cake or chocolate icing with a white cake. Sarah charged a fair price of $20 and I let her have full creative control. My family was honored to be her first customer!

On the day of picking up the cake, I was running a little late and a little stressed out (I hate being late!). However, when Sarah answered the door in her adorable apron with the biggest grin on her face, I calmed down. Sarah was completely in her element.

I was even more excited when I saw the masterpiece of love. It was the cutest design ever and how can one not love the oreo crumbs in the truck? How creative!

Unfortunately, there was a little problem. It turns out that my email communication abilities are not good. Do you see the little number “3″ up there? Well, Liam turned 4… not 3. Oops!

What do you do in that situation? It was awkward, I’m not going to lie. Here is my awesome friend, handing over a cake made with love, unicorns, and OREOS and he is turning 4 and not 3?! Ahhhh.. I honestly thought about not saying anything and changing it later. Sarah is my friend for crying out loud! Finally, I just decided to get over it and I told her, “Ummmm… Sarah this is reallllllly awkward but Liam is turning 4 and not 3!”

Sarah felt bad (even though it was my mistake!) but was very cool under pressure. She simply picked up some cake tools, grabbed some icing and fixed it.

Easy. (Or, rather Sarah made it look easy. I would have freaked out, dropped the cake all over the floor, gave up and headed to Giant Eagle’s baking section).

Number 4. Much better.

Clearly, Sarah is a baker who can design cute cakes and fix mistakes under pressure.

With cake in tow, I headed out to Hudson. This was the scene upon arrival. Holy cuteness.

Why didn’t they have these awesome water tables when we were growing up??

A dinner of BBQ chicken and sides was served. Deeeeelicious.

Then, it came time for the cake!

Melanie and Nate got him the candles that are difficult to blow out. It was quite funny to watch and I wish I had it on camera.

Here’s the thing. My family is a cake loving family and extremely picky when it comes to cake. Here were the comments I heard during dessert from random family members:

Dave (who does not like dessert): You know, I don’t like dessert, but this is awesome!


Mom: It’s better than any bakery cake we’ve had!

Nate: Wait, we are her first customers? (Said in disbelief).

Yea… this cake was pretty rockin’. It even had a butter cream and oreo center so the whole cake was like one big oreo. I can’t wait to order from her again. Check out Sarah’s website for more information and to follow her blog.

Jade hung out while we indulged in cake. Lots of cake.

I love this picture. Violet is already copying and following Liam around and it’s illustrated perfectly here.


On Sunday morning, I woke up and took my bike to Spin in Lakewood for a tune-up. I’ve never had a formal tune-up before and since I’ve had my bike since high school, I figured it was a good time. I would like to become one of those calm and happy people who ride around Lakewood going to yoga with my mat attached to my back like Lindsay. I’ve heard wonderful things about Spin so I’ll let you know what I think!

In the afternoon, Charlene and I hung out at my pool which was much needed (aside from the creeper who worked at the pool asking if we needed a cabana boy… really?!). Later, I headed back out to Hudson for Birthday Part 2 to celebrate Melanie’s 34th birthday.

This was the scene… so relaxing.

It was a great night… I really love my family and I’m lucky to have them so close by.

It’s clear that Violet is becoming an animal lover like everyone else in our family…

Have a great night!

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Alicia at Poise in Parma June 12, 2012 at 7:25 am

That cake looks AMAZING! I’m so happy that you took Sarah up on her offer. With plenty of birthdays coming up in my future, I know who to call!
Alicia at Poise in Parma´s last [type] ..The Secret To My Slow Cooker Success


Amanda @ Clue Into CLE June 12, 2012 at 9:34 am

That cake is awesome — and the photo of the BBQ makes me want some right now.

I think Sarah has a number of cake offers coming up (is it weird if I order a cake for my own birthday?). :)

See you this weekend – can’t wait to watch all of the hard work everyone put into the BvB game!
Amanda @ Clue Into CLE´s last [type] ..This Weekend – Cleveland Fests from East to West!


Sarah @ Cooker Girl June 12, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Thank you so much for all your love! I’m really glad your family liked it! And thank goodness we fixed the 3 –> 4 issue before you left, I would have felt bad if I found out later. I like the way the 4 came out better anyway, it popped more.

I look forward to next time!
Sarah @ Cooker Girl´s last [type] ..Toasted Quinoa, Corn and Avocado Salad


Crystal @EatDrinkClev June 13, 2012 at 9:03 am

Yay Sarah! So proud of you! That cake looks amazing. I hate those store bought cakes with commercialized crap on them – this is perfect! Awesome post Julie! So cool you were Sarah’s first!
Crystal @EatDrinkClev´s last [type] ..Guest Post: Western Reserve Wines by Cooker Girl


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