Biking and the Bachelorette

by Julie on July 24, 2012

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Happy Tuesday!

This weekend was one of those perfect summer weekends that I’ll always look back on. There was a perfect mix of relaxation + fun. The bittersweet part is that this was Todd’s only full weekend in Cleveland before his is gone again. He leaves on Friday and will be gone for 3 weeks (which includes my birthday!). It sucks, but it’s the reality of his job so what are you gonna do? I’m just happy for the time I do get to spend with him.

On Friday, we went out to Hudson to spend quality time with my sister and her cute family. We went for a walk, ordered pizza, put the kids to bed, and stayed up chatting with just the four of us. It was so needed and Melanie is the best older sister ever – she keeps me grounded.

I still can’t believe how old he is… I still remember when he was a wee little 2 year old. 4 is too old!

Violet was content in the red wagon.

Todd and I ended up staying over and woke up to a home cooked breakfast (Thanks Nate!). On Saturday, we went bike riding all afternoon. Ahhhh… so needed.

I really, really love Cleveland. I still pinch myself that I live so close to Lake Erie.


So, I need to discuss the Bachelorette (SPOILER ALERT).

What did everyone think of the ending? If you would have asked me at the beginning of the season if I thought Jef would win, I would have laughed in your face. His hair completely threw me off that he may be the one for Emily. But honestly, throughout the season, he began to really grow on me. Last night, I was hoping so badly that he would win because I felt he was the best fit for her, even with his fro’. During the proposal, I cried like a baby since I’m a nerd like that.

Reading into this a little more, it just goes to show ya that judging people by their outside appearances is not cool. I was wrong by judging him the way I did. He’s a great guy and definitely a catch! I hope they continue to be happy.

Oh, and I found this and thought it was hysterical:


Also, does anyone else want Sean to be the next Bachelor? I vote yes!


Have a super duper day!


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