Superheros and the 1980s

by Julie on August 20, 2012

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Hello everyone!

What a really fun and productive weekend! Thanks for your suggestions about the work bag. I went with the first option – hopefully it will be shipped soon! This weekend was crazy because I had a few parties on my schedule, and two were birthday’s! Todd and I are also in the process of moving him out of his apartment and into my small and crammed one until mid-October when we move. We are so excited for the October move and just have to get through living together – with barely any leg room – for a little.

Anyways… on Saturday, we had two themed birthday parties on the schedule: Superhero and 80s. First, was the Superhero party in honor of Amanda‘s 30th birthday! Scott and her friend Kate did an outstanding job of planning this party while keeping it a surprise for Amanda.

True to theme, there were masks available for everyone to borrow. Plus, we were encouraged to dress up in our favorite superhero costume. I, being lame, did not dress up but, loved everyone who did!

Me + Crystal.

Me + Todd.



Sarah, aka, Cooker Girl (who is actually a superhero…) made the She-Hulk cake. It was a yellow cake and was amazing. I’m a huge, huge, huge, fan of her cakes (she did my nephew’s, Liam’s, birthday cake too) and this was the first time I tried her yellow cake. I tried licking my plate and got strange glances… well, I get strange glances normally, but I’m pretty sure these were because of my table manners.

Alicia is really Yoga Girl. She has a sixth sense about things… in fact, her and Cooker Girl are arch rivals (yea, I had NO IDEA either).

Batman was there. Plus, a NASA astronaut named Hans.

Todd put on an orange mask and then, all the sudden, he had laser eyes.

Soon, Amanda and Scott came walking around to the backyard. They had “plans” with their friends for dinner, and instead, walked around to the back to find us! We were told to be super quiet and since I’m like a 5-year old, I coughed and giggled a few times. I hopefully didn’t give it away.

Mark was not pleased with my noise. (But, his mask matched his shirt so it’s totally cool).



The food was glorious and all homemade.

Alicia, me, Jen, and Sarah.

Yea, I dunno.

After a little while, Cooker Girl and Nidhizzle started FIGHTING. It all happened so fast… we didn’t know what to do. I yelled for help, Todd tried using his laser eyes. Jen tried her Wonder Woman strength, and nothing stopped them! Until…

…out of NO WHERE, Yoga Girl back bended her way in between Cooker Girl and Nidhizzle! SHE SAVED THE DAY.*

Whew. Without Yoga Girl’s strength and courage, the party may not have went on. Thank you, Yoga Girl, for all that you do.

The Superhero Party was so much fun!

Afterwards, we switched gears to go to an 80s party! Ali, her boyfriend Stephen, and roommate, Richard, had a joint celebration! Everyone (except Todd and myself, naturally) dressed up.

I was jealous, so I switched my pony tail to the side and rocked the 80s ‘do… just like my older sister did :-)

We danced to the 80s (Hello, Madonna), and had another successful party. Then, like losers, Todd and I went home around 11:30 and crashed hard. On Sunday, Todd and I met his mom and step-dad at the Playhouse Square to see Mary Poppins through Cinema on the Square! It was so delightful seeing Mary Poppins on the big screen. There were a ton of people and everyone seemed to have a great time! I can’t wait to go again next year!

Afterwards, we went to Dewey’s Pizza for dinner. It never disappoints. I ordered a Greek Salad + Caprice Pizza. I can’t wait to eat my leftovers! Have a great Monday! Seize it :-)


*no iPhone’s were injured during the Superhero Party

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Jen @ Why CLE? August 20, 2012 at 7:23 am

Such a fun weekend! Great seeing you at Amanda’s. Isn’t Cinema on the Square awesome? I just love it!
Jen @ Why CLE?´s last [type] ..Why? Cleveland Browns Go Gourmet!


Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland August 20, 2012 at 8:24 am

What great pictures!!!! Such a fun party. Your whole weekend looks like a blast – why do they always end too soon?

I love seeing “fiance” – pinch me please! (giggling)
Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland´s last [type] ..Love NYC!


alithearchitect August 20, 2012 at 9:35 am

I loved your side ‘do! I’m so glad you trekked to CleHeights for us!!!! Next time, we’ll take you to Value World to do some real costuming! <3
alithearchitect´s last [type] SWEETIE FRY it is


Nidhi August 20, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Hahaha EVERYONE IS A SUPERFIERCE SUPERHERO!! And your 80s do totally rocks. You should wear that every day. Which means you should be wearing it now???
Nidhi´s last [type] ..Covered Metallic Boxes


Alicia at Poise in Parma August 21, 2012 at 7:20 am

You are hysterical – this post cracks me up! I had a ball hanging out on Saturday night. I think these photos prove that statement to be true. (and p.s. you rock a side pony quite well…)
Alicia at Poise in Parma´s last [type] ..crazy dog ladies, super heroes and yogis: a PIP weekend in reverse


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