Flower Cupcakes and a New Haircut

by Julie on August 29, 2012

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I’m sitting here, attempting to do laundry, while watching reruns of Sex and the City. I won’t have cable for another month. By then, Todd and I will finally be living in a two bedroom apartment with CENTRAL AIR AND AN IN SUITE WASHER/DRYER. Folks, this is huge. Hence the capitol letters and hence the fact that I sound like a broken record even chance I get to talk about moving into that place. I just can’t wait to use the washer/dryer in my (our?) APARTMENT, instead of the laundry room. Soon, there will be no more awkward conversations with strange neighbors about the weather or who I’m going to vote for in November. Soon, I’ll be able to do laundry in whatever clothes I feel like putting on (TMI) and I won’t have to do it all at once. Holy moly, it’s gonna be huge. Maybe I’ll have a Laundry Party instead of a Housewarming Party… thoughts on this? Everyone is invited.

ANYWAYS. Sorry about that.

Let’s finish up the weekend recap, shall we? On Sunday, I was still feeling sick and needy. I needed to cuddle – does anyone else feel like that when they are sick? Instead of cuddling, we went to his friend Chuck’s wedding reception at the Pine Lake Trout Club in Bainbridge, Ohio. This place was amazing. So rustic and romantic!

Here’s Justin, Chuck (congrats!), and Todd. Sam, Justin’s girlfriend, had to work and she was missed! Be sure to check out Todd’s sweet tie from J3 Clothing Company!

My honey and I.

During the reception, the cupcakes were taunting me. They looked so utterly delicious and when I saw them, I hoped and prayed that I could eat the flower. When I finally had a vanilla one in front of me, I confirmed that, yes, the flower was edible. It was solid sugar and tasted amazing. I want another one. I don’t recall what the bakery is though.

It was a great time and soon, we were headed back to Lakewood because I felt like my face was going to explode. I felt so blah… and all I needed was some time alone and to drink a Slurpee.

Today, I decided to get a haircut. I realized that it was a VERY long time since I last got one. In fact, I just did a little Wearing Mascara Google Searching and the last time I got a haircut was November 24, the weekend KK came to visit and the same weekend I met Todd. It’s been about 9 months since I got a haircut! Sadly though, the reason I haven’t gone is because my favorite stylist in Hudson (Natasha at Salon 180) is just too far away. Typically, I only visit Hudson on Sunday’s to see my family for dinner and they aren’t open on Sundays. I just can’t fathom going there just for a haircut. I really, really love Natasha and definitely plan to go back sometime! She’s a great stylist, so if you live in that area, go pay her a visit and tell her I sent you.

My hair was freakishly long with no shape at all. With the goal of keeping it long and giving it some shape and movement, I went to Revelations in Lakewood, which is a new-to-me salon. Revelations came highly recommended by my Twitter friends, so I decided to go there. Rachel was my stylist and she was awesome. I love my new ‘do!

Gosh, that picture is terrible. I look so mad, when it reality, I was super happy that I got a haircut! Woot! I really love Revelations and I’m excited to go back. The price was very doable too. Under $30 for a haircut at a place that offers you water, coffee, or tea is amazing. Plus, I didn’t feel rushed, like I sometimes feel at other places.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


P.S. Congrats to Sarah! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, visit her blog for a very cute love story! <3

P.P.S. Are there any Thesis Website Designers out there who do not charge an arm and a leg? Email me! wearingmascara {at} gmail {dot} com. Hugs!

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Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland August 29, 2012 at 8:39 am

The Trout Club looks great! I’m seriously going to need to look into that place. I love the rustic-ness too. And why aren’t you smiling in that pic of you with your cute hair?? Silly girl! I’d be smiling for sure!
Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland´s last [type] ..Wordless Wednesday ~When I’m Old


Amanda @ Clue Into CLE August 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

From the pictures, the Trout Club looks like an awesome idea for you, Crystal.

Julie — really like the haircut. I used to have long hair but can’t wear it long anymore (too much work and I’m an idiot when it comes to styling hair). This reminds me – I need to schedule another haircut soon!

Having your own in-apt/house laundry unit is AMAZING — you’ll love it!


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