Nuptials, Zombies, and Sparklers

by Julie on October 23, 2012

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How are you? I’m doing GREAT! I attended Bend‘s first Bikram class tonight and it was awesome. I feel all bendy and cleansed now :-) It’s definitely the start of a wonderful practice. The hot room is perfect for Bikram yoga and I even like the carpet, which is unusual to me since I always feel like I’m slipping all over the place. The best part was Mark (or Marc?) the teacher. His dialogue was spot on and was easy to listen to. He and his wife just moved to Cleveland and they are here to stay, which makes me very happy.

So… let’s get to the weekend recap! I found my camera cord so we are good to go!

On Thursday evening, Todd and I drove about 6 hours to West Virginia and stayed in a hotel for about 6 hours for some sleep. We were up and on our way at 5:30 the next morning and arrived in Wilmington around 12:30 pm. Laura and Conrad had a rehearsal lunch, which I thought was a neat idea! Unfortunately, I just missed the rehearsal which was at noon, but was able to go to the lunch at 1 pm. Once we were close to Wilmington, we stopped at a gas station and changed out of our car ride attire… we were exhausted but also excited to see everyone!

Lunch was held at The Pilot House, which was the perfect venue for the gathering.

The best part about driving all that way and going straight to the rehearsal lunch? We were rewarded with champagne. So. Needed.

The lunch was amazing… we could choose between a variety of meals. Todd and I shared the shrimp and scallop scampi and a turkey sandwich – both were tasty! The dessert was a mango or raspberry sherbet, which was the perfect sweet touch!

After lunch, Todd and I threw around some ideas on what to do for the afternoon. Go to the beach? Walk around Wilmington? Shop? Well, the one decision we agreed upon was to check-in to the hotel (Comfort Suites… I highly recommend them). Once we checked in and put our bags down, we were out. All the traveling and exhaustion from the past week caught up with us and we slept the afternoon away. It was glorious.

That night, we met everyone at Level 5 which is a rooftop bar. It was the perfect spot to mingle, have some drinks, and watch the sunset!

You see the Coast Guard boat there?

The next morning, we slept in and I made my way over to Laura’s hotel to get ready. The wedding was held at 128 South, which was attached to Stemmerman’s Inn, which is where Laura stayed. She had these cute baskets for each bridesmaid! They were full of wedding day essentials like a bridesmaid shirt, snacks, champagne, orange juice, water, mints, etc.

Plus, it held an adorable bracelet that we each wore for the day.

Getting ready…

Loved Laura’s hair!

I ended up doing my own hair and I think I redid it a ba-jillion times. I wish that every time I did my hair that it came out perfect. Seriously, no amount of Pinteresting or Googling can help! Oh well, I think it looked alright in the end.

We had a lot of time in between getting ready and the wedding… then, all the sudden it was time to walk down the aisle!

*awkward picture alert!*

It was a beautiful wedding :-)

Afterwards, the bridal party and family went down to a brick alley by the ceremony to take pictures. On one side of the alley, there was a triathlon going on so we took pictures in both directions. The photographer, Matt McGraw was amazingly talented. I’ve seen some of his teasers on Facebook and I’m completely in love with them! He’s also super nice and fun!

Then, something funny happened while taking pictures! The side of the alley facing downtown all the sudden had a PARADE OF ZOMBIES APPEAR. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. I guess there was a zombie walk happening! Um… can we discuss how perfect and hilarious this back drop is for wedding pictures?! There had to have been 100s of zombies! Laura loves Halloween, so this was perfect. I can’t wait to see what Matt, the photographer, did with these pictures.

More pictures…

Then, we ate, which is always my favorite part of a wedding.

All in all, this wedding was fabulous. Good friends, and good company. The cupcakes were delicious, the DJ was fantastic and I already miss this weekend! Can I get a rewind?

Afterwards, we sent the Mr. and Mrs. off with some sparklers… so fun!

Happy Tuesday!


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Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland October 23, 2012 at 9:07 am

Totally love the zombie walk – how perfect!!! Looks like a gorgeous wedding. Love the blue and orange – so pretty! Awesome bridesmaid dress too.
Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland´s last [type] ..Pumpkin Pie Martini


Bari October 23, 2012 at 9:32 am

Sounds like an incredible weekend! I loved the zombies that showed up – that’s hilarious :)
Bari´s last [type] ..Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 10


Suburban Sweetheart October 24, 2012 at 7:58 pm

Great bridesmaids dresses! Totally rewearable. A rarity!


Elise Tansill October 25, 2012 at 1:12 pm

Loved reading your blog and looking through your pics. It WAS a fun weekend. I keep laughing and crying about so many wonderful memories … the zombies, yes, appropriate for Laura as Halloween IS her favorite holiday. Only wish … it had all lasted longer!


Nidhizzle S October 25, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Wedding looks gorgeous! Love your dress :)
Nidhizzle S´s last [type] ..Cobalt Blue Purse Re-Do


Debi Linden October 27, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Wonderful recap Julie. It was so much fun and lovely to see u again. All the girls were beautiful. Loved the Zombie walk and Conrad’s enthusiasm about including them. Can’t wait for more pics. Can u send me the last three pics and the ceremony. There was too much sun on our side to see well. BTW Todd got a fantastic pic of u going down the aisle. Very cool blog.


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