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I am only human

by Julie on April 19, 2011



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Hi friends,

Today, yesterday, two days ago, tomorrow, etc, etc are really difficult for me. Ask me how I am mid-May and I should be better than right now. I just have so much going on and it’s difficult to manage. My mantra? I am only human.

Just looked on Twitter and found this via SarahNaseman:

Oh, Bikram buddies, I hope you are giggling your socks off. I know I am :-) Only, I would add one more thing to this picture. Me, standing up, screaming, “YEA!” because that’s how I usually feel after a good yoga sweat session.

Tonight’s dinner was amazing by the way and it has to be noted. This afternoon, I went to Panera for lunch and they have a deal where you can buy a bakery item for 99 cents with your meal. I jumped on the chance and purchased my beloved chocolate chip bagel. I saved it for dinner and with eggs and a light beer, it was a meal made for champions. :-)

Hope your week is going well!

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Helloooooo and happy Monday!

From the comfort of my coach after a workout.

I went to Northern VA this weekend. I had a training on Friday and was closer to DC than I would have been if I left straight from work. I also was away from traffic, so I arrived in NoVA around 4:30, much to my excitement. Dan gets off work at 5 so I suggested Happy Hour. Since we’re long distance, the thought of drinks right after work is typically unheard of for us so we jumped at the opportunity!

Since having dinner at Morton’s for DC Restaurant week, we’ve been hankering to go back for their happy hour specials. They have $6 sliders… who can beat that? Also, it’s MORTON’s for crying out loud so the food must be amazing!

We both ordered a plate of sliders and shared steak fries with blue cheese. The sliders were awesome but the steak fries had too much blue cheese… it was just too much of a strong tasting cheese. I love blue cheese normally, but not these. Dan turned his nose up too. Either way, it was fun and a great way to spend Friday night!

Afterwards, I headed over to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some of my TJ essentials. See the third bottle from the left? The Soyaki? That sauce has changed my life. It’s helping me eat more veggies and use my wok more often. It’s easy: Take some broccoli, rip cut it up, throw it in the wok, add some sauce, and enjoy some broccoli candy. It’s amazing! I bought 3 bottles this time around since I go through it so fast. Yum.

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Has anyone tried the pictured Champagne Vinaigrette? I haven’t yet. I hope I like it! :-)

I have a beef with teas at 99% of grocery stores. It’s that they always have either fake or real sugar in the teas! You can never


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. However, at TJ’s, you have this lovely (and tasty!) option:

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You know when you are at the grocery store, checking out, and you become nervous all the sudden and say to yourself, “Eeek, how much money am I about to spend…?” I always have that feeling no matter what. However, at TJ’s I am always surprised about how cheap my groceries are! I never spend that much even when I feel like I went overboard.

Saturday morning, I ventured over to Ashburn Bikram for a much-needed class. It was hot. Yes, I realize all Bikram classes are, but this one in particular was stifling! I can always tell because I monitor when I start to sweat. On Saturday, I was sweating before class even began which is usually unheard of for me!

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large animated wait icon On Saturday night, we received some massages from Zoe Salon and Spa in Fair Oaks Mall as part of DC spa week (anyone else partake?). I can only speak for my own massage. It was okay… the woman didn’t greet me really and I felt rushed. Plus, she didn’t speak any English which normally I do not have a problem with. If you cannot speak English, then at least TRY to speak English. I beg of you. Just try and I’ll usually give you the benefit of a doubt. Will I go back? Probably not.

After our massages, Dan and I went to Gretchen’s house for her birthday party! It  was a jolly good time and seriously, if you aren’t reading Gretchen’s blog, you need to. She is incredible awe-inspiring! She has lost 50 lbs and she’s doing it in a sane and healthy way. She’s also hilarious and has all around positive energy! (Picture stolen from Gretchen’s blog because I forgot my camera at home):

Here are some iPhone pictures from Saturday:

Best picture of the night… I think Gretchen has some competition! ;-)

Have a good night!


Candyland is in Lancaster County

by Julie on April 14, 2011

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Hi friends!

What a great day this has been. Well, let me rephrase that… it started off as a so-so day but I refused to let it stay like that. I was stuck in the office doing reports all day while the sun warmed up the area. When I left, I was in a bad mood. I haven’t been to Bikram in over a week because I need to buy a new pass. Don’t you hate when you get into an exercise rut? My body is seriously addicted to movement which I guess is a good thing, right? ;-) Instead of staying in my rut, I changed my attitude and cleaned. This never happens. I’m not like my mother or sister in that respect. Both are neat freaks and I’ve come to accept that I just did not inherit that gene. When the opportunity strikes for me to be an obsessed neat freak, I immediately take it!

I do plan to Bikram-it-up this weekend in DC… anyone in Northern VA wanna join me? :-) I have a class pass I need to use up that I got from Living Social awhile back. It’s burning a hole in my pocket!

Earlier in the week, I was driving back from one of my farthest schools (I work in about 8 different schools throughout the county). I always passed Evan’s Candy Store, but I never stopped (because I was always working!). Since I ended the day at that school, I took advantage and stopped at this neat little store on my way home :-) Please excuse the iPhone pictures!

When I walked in, I knew it was love at first sight.

Since I love the food blogging world, I hate to take a picture of ALMOND Butter Crunch!

They had such innovative designs!

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Most ironic shape I found: Toothpaste!

Chocoholic Diet Pill – hehe:

The Easter spirit is clearly in the air! How cute are these little baskets??

It’s places like these that make me really thankful for my new town. I love Lancaster. I love the fresh food, the smells (yes, even the cows!), and the people. Finding little gems like this make my week.

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ib chemistry environmental chemistry powerpoint Well, I just did my nails and now I’m off to bed!

Have a wonderful Thursday night! Tomorrow is Fridayyyyyyyyy! <3



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Today, something bloomed

by Julie on April 11, 2011

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This week is crazy for me. It seems like every student I work with needs attention these past couple weeks. Trust me, I like being busy but I’m having trouble finding my balance. My apartment is a mess, I feel disorganized at work, and therefore, I feel like a mess.

Everything changed this morning when I woke up and realized it was going to be a gorgeous, 85 degree day in Lancaster, PA. Immediately, I woke up, and went to my first counseling appointment. The student I work with had some terrible, awful, awful news this past weekend… it was tough. I wanted to cry with her… but we had this beautiful day. I do hope that the beautiful day was a gift to her… and that she saw it that way.

Luckily, I was still in a good mood after that encounter and the rest of my day was busy yet

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condores Then, I came home, and something had bloomed.

When Dan visited me this past weekend, he surprised me with flowers because I had a stressful work week. In fact, he brought me two bouquets – clearly, I’m a lucky gal. When I saw that big white flower today, I realized I hadn’t noticed it before amongst all the other colorful flowers. Then, boom, it bloomed out of no where. Waving at me with a sly grin.

I felt like it was a good metaphor (or simile?) to life. Good things come out of no where – you just need to be watching for them. Like the weather today. Or, earlier in the morning when I was talking to a student about how excited I was about the weather. The student, rolled her eyes and said it’s calling for scattered rain throughout the day. True, and I hoped Mother Nature would grant Lancaster with a night time thunderstorm… and she did.

It smells like rain in my apartment. And I am thankful.


Best iPhone auto correct ever

by Julie on April 10, 2011

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jum Top 3 weekend occurrences:

1. Dan visited this weekend. And, like the “adults” we are, we never go to bed late anymore. Typically, I’m passed out by 11 on a weekend, no matter what. Last night was different. We drank too much (I only had four glasses – which is nothing compared to my young college years!) and we walked to the nearest gas station for MTO’s (Made To Order food). I ordered pepperoni rolls and Dan ordered mozzarella and mac n’ cheese sticks… all at 3 am. We had so much fun with this small, middle-of-the-night activity :-)

2. The Pantry Restaurant is a small, quaint restaurant in the country of Lancaster, PA. It barely has a parking lot and the food is ah-mazing. Today, I ordered their specialty: Baked Oatmeal. This is what it looked like when it arrived at our table:

Do you see oatmeal? I didn’t either. I had to dig:

Yes, there was some granola-sugary-like oatmeal at the bottom. This dessert breakfast was out of the world! Especially with the frozen yogurt on top! It was so rich and filling that I wasn’t able to eat it all. Yum!

3. Here’s a good Damn You Auto Correct:

I guess trying to suggest pedi’s with your girl friend is not an option on the iPhone. Le sigh…

Here’s to another busy, busy week!